JVT -being a licensed real estate consulting and immigration company, we committed to provide prospective immigrant clients with global real estate investment consulting services and to recommend suitable properties for investment and residential purpose to clients according to their requirements.


Our consultants are always ready to provide you with professional advice and proposals. Please contact us at 3500 3628 for details.

Investment Globalization

JVT has built-up solid local network in a number of metropolitan cities in the world. With the goodwill gained from recent years, we target to provide intimate & professional advice on property investment and management accordingly to clients’ needs. With professional property investment advice and a detailed migration planning from JVT, you can simply give your hands to us and enjoy a new stage of life in your dream country.


With the rapid development of technology, there is no longer a physical geographical boundary among people, we are ready to go for a modern nomadic living style at which to invest globally.

Not only an investment

Being your property investment and migration consultant, JVT is always ready to provide you with comprehensive investment strategies and advices. With a dedicated financial, legal and property management team, we will keep an eye on macroeconomic trends and local market fluctuations, so as to provide timely advice to clients for portfolio adjustments to cope with economic environment changes.


JVT would be your best investment partner throughout your migration planning.

Trustful and investment

JVT aimed at providing intimate and personalized services to clients in order to maintain our market share in the industry. JVT determined to walk out from normal market approach and targeting to provide services in a humane point of view.


Our goal is aiming at helping clients to plan for an ideal living in a new country through understanding their needs and to make the best arrangements for your future.

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