Hong Kong- British leasing and property management services

It’s always a good idea to earn stable rental income through leasing properties. There are many trivial matters to deal with while planning on letting a property out, such as renovation or furnishing, finding tenants and to complete documentation requirements for rental procedures.

JVT Hong Kong-British bilateral leasing and property management services always ready to assist you in coping with the above dilemma. We would act on behalf of our clients to handle all leasing and property management matters both in Hong Kong and overseas. Clients can simply enjoy a new life style after migration

Hong Kong leasing and property management services

Clients are able to look for a full range of leasing and property management services from JVT(HK) covering parking spaces, commercial and residential properties, etc. We can manage property leasing for our clients, including leasing properties, following up on tenant needs, monthly rental collection and property maintenance.
Rental income would deposit to designated bank account according to clients’ preference and allowing clients to receive money in an efficient way.

United Kingdom leasing and property management services

JVT(UK) offers property leasing services covering properties rental and leasing management for all properties within the United Kingdom.

We have professional team at our U.K. office to handle property rental and leasing services on behalf of clients’ request. We would assist to look for suitable tenants and to conduct background check on prospective tenants so as to find the ideal match for clients.

JVT(UK) also manage investment properties on behalf of client requests and to arrange rental income to deposit to clients’ designated bank account on a regular basis. You can enjoy being a happy investor for overseas properties from our services.

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