Airport Pickup Services – U.K.

Apart from property purchase and sales services, JVT also provides our clients with local supporting services, such as airport pickup services.

Our scope of services covering the whole country, starting with airport transfer from Heathrow airport; point-to-point transfer, long-distance trips…etc…

We would arrange different vehicles to suit clients’ requirements, e.g., vehicles for fitting sizeable luggage; adding baby seat; traveling with pets, etc… aiming at providing clients with a comfortable and intimate ride.

To facilitate a convenient and flexible trip to our clients, all local pick-up services will be pre-arranged by our supporting team in U.K.

**During COVID-19 pandemic, vehicles would be disinfected and deep cleaned before and after every trip completed. Our driver would wear mask throughout the ride and applying alcohol to disinfect his hands on a regular basis. We are aiming at providing a safe and comfort journey to you upon arrival to U.K.

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