Hong Kong-UK Bilateral Vehicle Sales Services

Is vehicle a necessity product when you are living overseas?

Are you worrying about how to deal with your car in Hong Kong before moving overseas?

JVT Hong Kong-United Kingdom bilateral vehicle sales services are always ready to offer you a helping hand. Clients can appoint JVT (HK) to be your responsible agent for car sales in Hong Kong and at the same time to appoint JVT (UK) for purchasing a car in United Kingdom at which can deliver to your designated address as requested.

Vehicle Sales and Purchase Service – Hong Kong

JVT (HK) can act on behalf of our clients to deal with sales and purchase of vehicles with a service fee charged from the transaction amount. Remaining balance will be deposited to clients’ designated bank account either in Hong Kong or United Kingdom. We are hoping to bring along convenience and caring services throughout clients’ migration planning.

Vehicle Sales and Purchase Service - United Kingdom

Would a vehicle be making your life in United Kingdom more fun?

JVT (UK) offering services to clients that we can assist on purchasing vehicles on clients’ behalf, including first-hand and second-hand vehicles. We will be responsible for vehicles’ MOT check-up, recommending insurance and follow up on maintenance of vehicles for a certain period of time. Upon completion of deal, we would arrange delivery service on vehicles to clients’ designated address. Clients for sure can disburden such cumbersome process to us at ease.

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