Buy And Sell​

For incoming clients who have plans to settle down in the UK and Vietnam, our priority goes to the maximisation of your living quality. Do you expect to commute to work? Are your kids still in school? What kind of neighbourhood do you enjoy the most? These are some of the questions we have in mind when we come up with our proposals.

Comfort and convenience aside, the potential future value of your property is our key concern too. Investing in residential and commercial properties is one of the proven ways of capital appreciation. JVT’s dedicated team can accommodate our clients, both first-time property buyers and seasoned investors, with our strong know-how and comprehensive support in various fields. Our services cover apartments, houses, shops, offices, parking spaces, and development sites. JVT ensures you will enjoy first-class services and professional advice throughout every stage of the investment process whenever you need us.

Property is one of the most common means of wealth preservation. No matter how you made your fortune, be it through salaries, financial instruments, businesses, or even lottery, you have to have some experience with properties in general as shelter constitutes the better part of our lives. The very fact that we all have experience with properties, however, gives us the illusion that this accessible investment vehicle is a no-brainer compared with other more sophisticated instruments such as stocks and bonds. The actual case is nonetheless the opposite, as there is no 100% transparent secondary market for properties; two shares of the same company are the same, while two units of the same residential building can differ greatly.

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