Development Consultancy

With JVT’s extensive networks of professionals, an expert team of property development is at your disposal. We are proud to provide comprehensive consultancy services with multi-disciplinary solutions related to the properties in the UK and Vietnam. From the conceptual master plans to the subsequent follow-ups, JVT’s team is here to ensure smooth coordination, fulfillment of government requirements and of course, your investment needs.

No matter whether you are a landowner, or even a developer in your home country, JVT’s extensive network of specialists well-equipped with market knowledge and project experience is going to be instrumental in planning, development, and ultimately, sales/lease of your projects. Our services start at the very conception of the whole life cycle to identify the potential of the projects backed by market-leading research, with the aid of our team’s expertise in site planning, land use analysis, feasibility studies and development appraisals, to the often-neglected yet extremely crucial process of navigating the various constraints imposed by the authorities and other concerned stakeholders, armed with our strong local network in diverse sectors, and conclude at the celebration of the completion of the sales/lease of the project.

Just like other parts of the world, private land in the UK and Vietnam come in as freeholds or leaseholds. The use and development of these lands are conducted according to respective government leases, building regulations and town planning ordinances. They all seem complicated but important enough that you are unable to ignore; special attention should also be paid to the proper company structure and related financial and legal arrangements in order to maximise the value of a development project and avoid unnecessary delay and expenses.

At JVT, all these dimensions are well taken care of. Instead of identifying potential local partners one at a time at the expense of your valuable time, while we do not claim to be able to provide a one-stop-shop development service – no carefully planned building is erected overnight – JVT aims to be your partner of choice with everything property development related in the UK and Vietnam.

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