Property Management

JVT boasts a management portfolio across various continents, thanks to the continuous support of clients from all over the world. Not only do clients who have acquired their properties through us entrusted their property management contracts to JVT, landlords of both residential and commercial properties have also selected us as their trusted business partner in the management of their assets.

Over the years, JVT has helped our clients to expand their property portfolio, whether for the sake of relocation or investment. We have managed numerous residential and commercial properties with our professional teams encompassing property managers, local rental agents, maintenance personnel, accountants and lawyers while employing the latest technologies and best practices for maximising the lifelong value of the assets.

At JVT, with our international clientele who often do not reside in the UK or Vietnam, we understand the faith and responsibility we have been entrusted with, and thus we do not simply take the easiest path when managing client properties – while it is often fast and convenient to pick whomever appears first as the tenant and hire whomever is available to get the repair done, it would not be our first choice unless it can cater to the investment needs and objectives of our clients. We do not hesitate to invest in building long-term relationships with all local and global partners so as to ensure the perfect tenant mix and optimal maintenance to preserve and increase the intrinsic value of our clients’ portfolio.

On top of the usual tenant management and facilities management offered by our competitors, JVT is well-placed to assist our clients with the following tedious yet important administrative duties as part of our services:

Government Rates, Taxes and Duties
JET’s team of well-experienced valuers and tax professionals are positioned to advise and represent clients in all rates, taxes and duties-related matters with the local government.

Rental Disputes
Landlords and tenants may disagree on renewal rents, be it commercial or residential properties. As your property manager, along with our professional leasing team, a healthy and constructive landlord-manager-tenant relationship is always our priority at all times.

Other Services:
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